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Don Quixote Peanut Butter

DRY-ROAST CASHEW BUTTER, smooth & delicious, 1 lb.

DRY-ROAST CASHEW BUTTER, smooth & delicious, 1 lb.

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What Could be Simpler?

At Don Quixote, we like to make products that surpass your expectations.  Consider our new cashew butter.  Before you yawn, and say, “So what,” let me tell you what sets Don Quixote apart. 

Only ground nuts are in the jars.  No salt. No sugar. No palm oil. In fact, no oil of any kind.  Other brands of cashew butter may contain all or some of these added ingredients.  Even if salt, sugar, and palm oil are absent, you will probably see that the cash themselves have been roasted in canola, safflower, sunflower, or peanut oil. 

We don’t do that.  The nuts in Don Quixote DRY-ROAST CASHEW BUTTER have been carefully roasted all by themselves without any added oil.  That lets the full-bodied flavor of the cashews burst through.

DRY-ROAST CASHEW BUTTER delights with its creamy, slightly sweet natural taste of cashews.  With no other added ingredients masking the flavor, the Cashews speak for themselves…loudly.

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