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Don Quixote Peanut Butter



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What makes a better butter

It’s all in the nuts

Spanish peanuts are used in snack mixes, peanut brittle, and various confectionary blends for a reason. They have a robust peanut taste that shines through. So when it comes to peanut butter, Spanish peanuts produce the richest-tasting peanut flavor. Don Quixote is the peanut-butteriest peanut butter you will ever have the pleasure to enjoy!

Beyond Great Taste: Protein and Antioxidants


The protein in Spanish Peanuts is unusual among vegetable proteins. It contains all essential amino acids. Most importantly, it contains ample amounts of two essential amino acids that are usually under-supplied or absent from vegetable proteins. They are tryptophan and methionine. Protein can only be utilized to support human tissue up to the amount of its least-supplied amino acid. That amino acid is, therefore, termed to be the “limiting” amino acid. In vegetables, tryptophan and methionine are often, either singly or together, the limiting amino acids that make most vegetable proteins ill-suited to support human tissue integrity and immunity. Spanish peanuts, however, contain abundant tryptophan and methionine, making their protein highly utilizable by the human body.

Spanish peanuts are also 25% protein, equal to a T-bone steak but without the cholesterol, residual antibiotics, and growth hormones. Thus, Don Quixote nut butters are an excellent source of protein.


Don Quixote grinds up Spanish peanuts with their papery reddish-brown skins. Why? Because those skins are known to be one of the most concentrated sources of dietary antioxidants. They are loaded with polyphenol antioxidants that protect human cell membranes from oxidative damage (i.e. scavenge free radicals). They resist aging through that antioxidant activity and simultaneously suppress inflammation. And, of course, they enrich the flavor of Don Quixote nut butters.

Don Quixote is better because:

  • DQ’s Spanish peanuts taste best!
  • DQ’s nut butters are rich sources of balanced protein
  • DQ’s nut butters provide good antioxidant protection
  • DQ’s nut butters not only taste great, but are good for you!

Enjoy Don Quixote Spanish Peanut Butter. After all, it's certified scrumptious by Don Quixote’s squire, Sancho Panza!

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